Woman Lake Lodge's current home page

Woman Lake

A remote Canadian hunting lodge up in Ontario

Womanlakelodgecanada.com has been through 3 face lifts since I took over work on the site way back when.

This round’s goal was to more actively use all the awesome pictures and video footage the hunters and fishermen get when they travel up there.

The place this really shines is in the top area of the home page (better known as the hero region or jumbotron to web nerds). We have 4 slides using images and text I selected with the idea of showing off the wonderful memories made heere and the beastly fish dredged up from the depths of the surrounding lakes.

The biggest technical challenge was getting the video footage used on the first slide to not grind the site to a hault while it loads in which was accomplished by fine-tuning the resolution with a tool called FFmpeg which lets you adjust every little detail of the video format… but it’s used via command line so the usability leaves something to be desired…