React Meme Generator

What is this?

It’s a meme generator that uses the flipimg API and React to spit up hot, fresh memes.


Isn’t the internet already chock full of meme generators? Yep! The real reason I built this was to help me understand and document actions, states, and components so the code is ultra-thoroughly documented.

If you want to see said wonderfully documented code (plus a more detailed technical rundown), head over to and enjoy!

See it in action!

Redux explaination of this app

Components: All files in the components folder of this app. These are individual parts of an app which can be just bits of javascript of visual parts of the application… or any combination of both

Actions: See the index.js file in the actions folder. These are the big things your app does, in this case that is making a meme.

Reducers: See index.js in our reducers file to see the specific actions. In broader terms reducers are what pass changes in the app such as a newly entered meme back into the main app section (e.g. Store)

Store: Defined in /src/index.js and this is the part of the app that actually holds submitted memes and our meme template array (state)