Example law firm landing page

Lawfirm LP

Law firm landing pages can have a great deal of dynamic content in them

The firms are also keen on looking dignified and professional so the pages can get to be quite a handful!

If you want to see this puppy in action, check out: https://designerofstuff.com/law-lp and play with the device types to see all the responsive love put into the page.

Most of the exciting bits involving putting locations in different arrays does not get used here as we don’t have addresses. However, we can swap the headline region by adding a ?camp=1 or ?camp=2 (https://designerofstuff.com/example-law-lp?camp=1) query to the end of the URL. We can also change out the geographic region from the default of “Minnesota” for something a bit more exciting like “Camelot” by adding a url query of ?geo=camelot (https://designerofstuff.com/law-lp?geo=camelot).

Take a look at what the dynamic php tends to look like to render proper geographic and headline info: