Sage Glass HVM map part 2


Sage Electrochromics opened a new high tech facility 3 times the size of a football field

Tours of the facility are a very common thing but they did not have a map yet so it fell to me, the graphic design/ marketing intern to come up with something.

I started off by digging through the facility blueprints which turned out to be total overkill as they gave details such as where every indivdual cubicle would go and lots of information for plumbing/electrical/ HVAC which would be nice if the goal were to plan some Mission Impossible style heist but less so when you are trying to put something together so visitors know where they are.

Part 2 was to walk the facility personally and sketch it out by hand, this wound up taking 3 trips around the facility in stiff business shoes resulting in my feet looking like they had started a scrap with a belt sander. The other result of my wanderings was a good idea of the layout and spacing of the facility which I then started putting into Illustrator.

The only tricky bit left was to make the whole thing feel up to the standards of an international high tech company. If you look over their other work, you can see they put a high value on simplicity and brightness and I reflected that in my work.

The end result was something everybody was really happy with and is still being used on tours to the best of my knowledge!

Sage High Volume Manufacturing Exterior Map

Here’s a picture I took of the building:

Actual photo of sage HVM front

I know this does not really pertain to the map, but I’m really proud of the photo!