What is it? is a B2C facing site whose function is to get viewers to purchase life insurance. The big difference between FOXO’s insurance and other insurance vendors is you get a 23-and-me style health report based on your epigenetic data which we also collect in a 23-and-me fashion via spitting in a tube and running it through some wild machine learning based processes.

What makes it important?

For me as a web developer, this site stands out for the inline video elements which have parallax wrappers around them which gives this rather fluid and lively appearance that I personally hadn’t really seen on sites before.

What am I most proud of?

I’m proud of how smooth the user experience is going from this informational part of the site into the signup process. There’s an impressively lengthy questionnaire you need to fill out once you make an account an begin filling out the necessary info to get life insurance and every part of the journey has been carefully built to be as pleasant as a team of designers, marketers, UX geniuses, and developers can possibly make it.