Snapshot of my web page which displays digital currency values

Coinmarket API

I built a thing which stores and displays digital currency market data

Grab the repo and mess around with it here:

More specifically, the goal is to create a script which talks to the Coin Market API ( Note: this is a deprecated API and doesn’t work anymore, gets the relevant data for all 1000-something digital currencies out in the wild and puts the current values into a SQL database that I can refrence later. The live feed was more of a bi-product that I got attached to.

The heavy lifting of this project was to set up a database, write a SQL command to input the relevant data from the API into the database, then set the command to run once a day by means of a cron job.

Here’s the code you need to make the live feed section work, all neat n’ tidy


Here’s what makes the back end tick:

dbupdate.php (where the real action is)