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This collection of work is my answer to the highlight reels of athletes. My choice bits of work from across the several mediums I work in. Some parts are graphics, others are whole websites or high quality photography. The key thing to remember is about everything here is that I built all of it from the ground up, design wise. Every graph is built in Illustrator by me to explain a concept a client wanted understood crystal clear at a glace. Every site is something I work from a nebulous but exiciting idea in the clients head to a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, and a whole slue of other languages and libraries. From this intricate combination of words, symbols, and graphics comes something which strafes the line betweeen a tool and an idea. The sites that I build are work which give me pride and satisfaction beyond measure-- and the clients are always super psyched to boot!

What I am trying to say is that the process behind the work you see here is not something another designer did 90% of the work on which I spellchecked then threw my name on, oh no, I put my heart into these projects.

You should check them out!

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