Woman Lake

A remote canadian hunting lodge up in Ontario

Womanlakelodgecanada.com has been through 2 face lifts since I took over work on the site way back when.

The goal is always to give the important information as efficiently as possible but the trick is figuring out what is important. I had assumed the important factors would be price, pictures, and contact info but after working with the client, I learned the main function was to show the viewer this lodge was a quality place to stay. Why would anybody want to know the price or how to reach the lodge if they didn’t like the scenery or have an idea of what the accommodations were?

Information efficiency was still always the goal but this site taught me to always ask what is important and to always ask myself what somebody is on the site to do.

From a tech standpoint, the site’s framework is Bootstrap which was my stepping stone over to Foundation and all of it’s incredible bells and whistles. An interesting difference about this site versus most others I have seen in the wild is I experimented with using 2 different style sheets based on device width instead of an @media request just to try something different.