Graphic Design

I really like that brochure you made me, how would you like to work on my website?

I was really asked this question early on in my career (or maybe the question started it… not really sure). Either way, I was about 17 and really getting into Photoshop, the ability to show others whatever surreal image popped into my imagination was just plain cool and my friends were getting a total kick out of it.

I was approached by a local violin shop to build some brochures after getting my reputation up to the lofty status of “Guy Who Can Build Stuff Better Than Clip Art”. They had me build business cards, brochures, promo fliers, and a whole mess of other print work and the odd digital banner ad. As a high schooler, this gave me a rush like nothing I had ever experienced– I was wanted purely for a talent I had worked hard at and built up from nothing!

After a few months having the time of my life making collateral for this company, they asked if I could help update some stock on their website which struck me as odd. I had never mentioned knowing a lick of HTML or even uttered the word “CSS” around them. Luckily enough, I was actually taking the only class I would ever take on building a website at that time and turned out to be able to update everything following my hokey “Works Best In Internet Explorer!” textbook.

The violin shop was even more thrilled than usual and let me take over web work since the company they had been paying up till then was taking them to the cleaners, price wise for a site that ran on tables in 2007!

Pretty sure you just trailed off into web design… What about the graphics?

Graphic design is a fundamental part of building a website, it would be quite difficult to do wireframes, create mockups, or build simple visual assets without knowledge of the Adobe programs. I also find the work incredibly satisfying and business find it valuable.

Proficiency wise, I know the classics inside and out:

  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InsDesign
  • SLR-based camera photography
  • Print specifications
  • Print process