Glendon Wilhelm Gengel in all his cocky glory

I’m a big fan of tech, but that should be obvious from the rest of the site

So I’ll try to keep this part focused on everything but my technical work.

I’ve bounced between 4 different states (MN, CO, CA, and ND) growing up and landed back where I started in Minnesota. I am currently living in Minneapolis which is the first big city I’ve ever had the pleasure of throwing down a couch in a living room and declaring my residence. My life is much like the city– complicated, lively, and filled with loud and unexpected noises.

Hobby wise, I am a down hill skier through and through… which is a little like being a hardcore surfer who is currently posted up in Idaho. I make it work though by heading out to Colorado at least once a year with friends and/or family to plummet down the slopes at speeds which could get us fined along most city streets and a few stretches of the interstate.

Having a sport only available a few fun filled days a year lets me have a slue of other ways to kill time. These range from jogging around Lake Calhoun to building a 14 foot tall medieval siege weapon called a trebuchet with quite a few more reasonable hobbies thrown in. I am a rabid fan of open world RPG’s, old school Nintendo, fantasy books (ask me about King Killer Chronicles or Terry Pratchett!), and electronic dance music.

Outside of my interests, I am comically lost when it comes to organized team sports which gives my friends endless amusement.

In a nutshell, what makes me tick is snow, mountains, tech, and imagination.